Japanese cuisine.

The Japanese cuisine is very diverse and consists mainly of dishes prepared from seafood, cereals, vegetables and pasta.

Cutlery, dishes in Japanese cuisine are very peculiar. Instead of familiar fork, spoon and knife, Japanese prefer to eat with the help of special wooden sticks or simply by hand. Plates for rolls and sushi – flat, sometimes with low margins, different shapes: square, rectangular, in form of leaf or the exotic plant, or boat.

The main ingredient of Japanese cuisine is rice. In Japan – rice is like bread. It is used as a separate dish, and in combination with other products. Rice is used differently depending on the tack.

Seafood – the second in popularity of Japanese food after rice. Shrimp, clams, fish, algae, seaweed – all this is widely used in Japanese cuisine. For fish and seafood is not required a prolonged heat treatment, so these dishes are cooked very quickly. Often used the fillets of raw fish or the fillets soaked in a special marinade.

Widely used in Japanese cuisine soybeans, they use tofu – soy curd cheese as the basis of many dishes, as well as soy sauce. For side dishes and sauces, spicy seasonings are used, such as wasabi, daikon – white radish. Meat is rarely used. Basically, only on holidays.

Rolls – the most common dish of Japanese cuisine worldwide. For their preparation you will need: sheets of dried seaweed – nori or leaves of seaweed; rice; water; salt and as a filling a variety of foods: fish, vegetables, crab meat, boiled eggs, caviar, mushrooms, pickles, processed cheese or greens. Of course, all the products that you will find in the refrigerator, do not mix, stop your choice on two or three ingredients.