Chinese cuisine.

Chinese cuisine is rich with centuries-old traditions. Cooking for the Chinese – a cult, ritual, where attention is paid to every detail. As in Japanese cuisine, the main product used in Chinese cuisine is rice. But other than that, the Chinese use such unusual for human products, as meat of cat, dog, snake, shark fins, sea scallops, swallows’ nests, wood mushrooms and bamboo.

According to legend, during the dinner on the table should attend dishes of eight flavors: sweet, salty, sour, spicy, fragrant, bitter, insipid, golden. Particular attention in the preparation of Chinese cuisine is given to the method of roasting. Small pieces of meat or vegetables are fried in a special cone-shaped pan – wok. And the products are not mixed with a spoon or spatula, and just are tossed up with the help of sharp hand movements.

Chinese cuisine is rich in a variety of recipes of sauces and dressings. Chinese are very sensitive to the preparation of their dishes, each time they combine the products, the taste of which is never mixed. Typically, they use a combination of meat and vegetables. Sometimes, as a side dish is served Chinese noodles.

In Chinese cuisine is used a great amount of spices and seasonings. They are grown in the homeland – in China. Fragrant herbs, flowers of ylang-ylang, lotus root, cardamom, fennel, star anise, ginger – all this makes Chinese cuisine unique and recognizable. All seasonings are placed into a dish before the end of cooking. It is better to keep spices in tightly closed opaque jars away from direct sunlight.